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Public and media relations consultant Suzanne Dameron partners with clients to create public and media campaigns, products and services that make a positive difference.


Suzanne Bio:
Suzanne Dameron is the owner of Starr Communications, a public and media relations firm for small to medium business. Suzanne's professional experience in print and broadcast journalism combined with an uncommon creativity enables her to conceive, create and produce effective products, services and campaigns for clients. She is an active member of FPRA (Florida Public Relations Association), serves on the board of the local chapter and as the newly appointed Director of Emerging Communications, stays abreast of the current trends and topics in communication in print, broadcast and on the web.

About Starr Communications:
Our Vision:
To be a messenger for positive change.

These are our guiding principles:
1. Public Relations Serves the Public Good
We offer public relations services to those serving public interests in numerous industries. If you have designed or created a product, service or program that benefits others, we want to work with you.

2. An Important Story Is Worth More Than A Release
We identify the publications and media outlets that seek important stories in your industry - and then we provide the angles that serve their audiences.

3. A Great Image Is Worth More Than A Thousand Words
Nothing replaces a strong of your product, service or message.

About StarrCo:
StarrCo is the blog of Starr Communications. We weave in all kinds of topics and are especially interested in the art and artistry, story and strategy of public relations.

Five More Things About Suzanne:
1. When I was 15 years old, I decided I wanted to visit every country in the world.
2. I went to Eckerd College for the study abroad program which took me to London, Munich and Crete. One summer during college, I worked on a farm in the Black Forest. After college, I worked at a B&B in England and later, spent some time in India and travelled through the Himalayas on horseback.
3. In order to have a career that would allow me to continue to travel, I completed a training in Teaching English as a Second Language. I taught both in the USA and Rome, Italy.
4. I now speak Italian.
5. While I never made it to every country around the world, my travel bug is somewhat satisfied. I currently live in the urban environs of downtown Sarasota and am planning a trip to our sister city Treviso during the summer of 2008.


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